Jewish National Fund

Raz's Run

Shalom! Meet Raz Rutman.  Raz is 20 years old and is doing his national service with LOTEM- Making Nature Accessible

Raz grew up next to Nahal HaShofet where he loved to hike.  When Raz was 8 years old, he was in a car accident and became paralyzed.  He was no longer able to return to the places he loved.  Shortly after Raz's injury, JNF, LOTEM, the Mayerson Foundation and other partners funded the construction of Israel's first inclusive trail in Nahal HaShofet.   11 years later, Raz decided to do his national service with LOTEM to give back to those who enabled him to return to his favorite hiking trails.

Among Raz's responsibilities are taking visitors to the inclusive trail in Nahal HaShofet- showing them the same nature spots he hiked in as a child.

Raz's story is the story of LOTEM.  It is the story of determination and hope.

Raz will be leading LOTEM's delegation in the 800M in the Jerusalem Marathon to benefit JNF and LOTEM. Help us raise funds to enable more children with special needs to come closer to nature by supporting Raz's Run and the rest of the LOTEM delegation.