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JNF COVID-19 Emergency Campaign for Israel

It’s hard to believe the times we are living in, but life must go on and we each have our part to play at home for our families, our communities AND to support our people in Israel. Jewish National Fund-USA has mobilized to provide virtual events for the South Florida community to provide updates from our affiliates on the ground and offer opportunities to stay engaged with Israel.

We urge you to support JNF's COVID-19 Emergency Campaign for Israel to meet the immediate needs of the country. As of May 4th, Israel has over 16,000 cases, over 1 million people are unemployed, and due to a country-wide lockdown, business is at a standstill and no tourists are visiting. We urge you to give what you can right now. A tax-deductible donation of ANY amount will help. Please share this with your family and friends. Donations continue to be made across the USA and our family in Israel is grateful for that.

We understand the needs of our families, local community and the struggle our country is going through, but Israel is our family too and they are struggling. Am Yisrael Chai! We will all get through this together.

From, Maia Aron, President of JNF Miami


10 Programs Your Gift Can Support

Aleh Negev - 25-acre rehabilitation village for disabled children and adults in southern Israel near Ofakim.

  • Respiratory Treatments - ($60K)
  • Hiring Emergency Response Staff & Increased Transportation needs - ($100K)
  • Hygienic & Basic Medical Supplies - ($150K)

Central Arava - The region is located in southern Israel along the Jordanian border between Be’er Sheva and Eilat.

  • 2,500 N95 Anti-Viral Face Masks for medical and emergency staff and volunteers - ($16K)

Eilot (Southern Arava) - The region is inhabited by 3,500 people including 12 communities (ten kibbutzim and two community settlements. Most residents make their living from modern agriculture and tourism.

Telemedicine & Rural Medical Care 

  • 5 Additional HD Cameras & Microphones to communicate with specialists in the center of the country - ($1K)
  • 5 Mobile Ultrasound Units to allow both paramedics and doctors to check patient lungs - ($2K each)
  • High-quality face masks for medical professionals - ($5K)
  • Laptops for students learning from home - ($1K per student)

Eshkol - The region borders Gaza and Egypt in the Western Negev Desert. They have been on the frontlines of violence and warfare targeted at Israel in recent years.

  • 80 Activity Kits Customized for Families with kids with Special Needs 

Halutza - Located in the Northwest Negev, a kilometer from the Gaza border, Halutza was a barren desert and is now a bustling area with hundreds of greenhouses, planted crops, and fields of solar energy panels for 2,500 families.

  • Medical Equipment for Medical Center - ($18K)
  • Economic Support for Farmers - ($15K per farmer)
  • New Greenhouses for increased demand for produce - ($50K per green house)

Lauder Employment Center - Five years ago, the President Emeritus of JNF-USA, Ronald Lauder of Estee Lauder Companies, established this center in Be’er Sheva which has helped over 1,700 people find work to date.

  • Personal Branding Training Online Sessions - ($1K per course)
  • Human Resources Help Desk - ($4K per week)
  • Professional Training Online Seminars - ($400 per session)

MAKOM - The largest organization of community pioneers developing Israel's frontier and impacting the lives of over 500,000 individuals with more than 200 communities representing all sectors of Israeli society; Young Educators, Ethiopians, Artists, Mountain Jews, Druze, Haredi and other religious and secular pluralistic communities.

  • Childcare for Essential Workers Childcare in 25 cities supporting 2,000 children - ($100K per week)
  • Ministry of Social Equality Call Center to provide assistance for senior citizens with non-medical needs, food deliveries, and sponsoring food and necessities for seniors, immigrants and needy families. - ($60K per week)

Nefesh B’Nefesh - Since 2002, making the Aliyah process easier by facilitating arrival and integration of new olim into Israeli society and educate Jews in the Diaspora as to the centrality of Israel to the Jewish People.

  • Thank you gift for medical professionals who made Aliyah fighting COVID-19. - ($75 per olim)

Sderot - For nearly a decade, residents of Israel’s western Negev have endured continual rocket attacks from the bordering Gaza Strip. Hardest hit is the town of Sderot—located less than one mile from Gaza—whose children have grown up with the psychological trauma that comes with living under the threat of attack because they must always be within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter.

  • Hatzofim Dror Youth Volunteer Program to support those at home with buying food - ($15K per month)
  • 4,800 Hot Meals for Elderly People - ($21K per month)

Special in Uniform - The JNF-sponsored unit in the IDF that integrates young people with autism and other disabilities. Currently these soldiers are working to fight covid-19 by handling testing kits.

  • Tablets for soldiers - ($250 each)
  • Virtual therapeutic support - ($50K)
  • Adopt a Special Needs Soldier - ($5K over 2 years)
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