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I chose to raise money for the Therapeutic Riding Center in Kibbutz Grofit in Israel through the Jewish National Fund for my Bat Mitzvah project because this wonderful place enables children with physical and mental challenges to interact with horses and form a strong connection with them. I think that this is important because many of the children might learn and experience new things that can help them grow and change. When they start Therapeutic Riding, they form an unbreakable bond with the horses and caretakers. It really helps them go through unbelievably happy moments. The reason I chose this project is because I really love horses. Since I was very little, I have always loved those beautiful, strong, and majestic creatures. Also, I believe that this type of kindness between humans and animals is very important to society and the world, and that is the idea behind the Therapeutic Riding Center. The Riding Center that I am focused on is the Riding Center in Kibbutz Grofit near the city of Eilat. It accepts kids from kindergarten through high school with injuries such as spinal cord damage, cerebral palsy, and brain injuries. They use therapy with horses to help these children grow stronger, while helping them develop a special relationship and bond with the horses. In my years of Jewish day school education, I have developed and formed a strong connection to the land of Israel and its people, and that is why I chose this specific therapy center. Your contribution can help make a difference in these children’s lives. In lieu of a gift for my bat mitzvah please make a donation in my honor to this incredible cause and help me reach my goal of $3600.