Jewish National Fund

Miriam's Bat Mitzvah Project

Hi everyone,

My birthday is near Tu B'shvat- the Birthday of the Trees.   

I wanted to try to find an organization which helps the environment in Israel.  

I am excited to be raising funds for Jewish National Fund!

JNF will take our donations and plant new trees to help freshen the air and make the desertgreen. 

My great grandmother Mary Goldstein, who I am named after, always had a JNF blue box and put in tzedakah with her mother.  

In 2010, there was a major fire in the Carmel area of Israel.  It destroyed 790 acres of forest.  Many firemen from all around the world came to help put it out.  My Father is a volunteer fireman in River Edge, so I would like my trees to restore the lost trees from the fire.  

 At my Bat Mitzvah party, I would like to give out blue boxes to all of our guests and create a forest of friends by planting trees for each of my friends.  

 Jewish National Fund began as a dream in 1901 to reestablish a homeland in Israel for Jewish people everywhere.  In the years since, JNF has made the dream a reality by greening the desert with millions of trees, building thousands of parks, creating new communities and cities for generations of Israelis to call home, bolstering Israel's water supply, helping develop innovative arid-agriculture techniques, and educating both young and old about the founding and importance of Israel and Zionism.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal - make your tax-deductible donation today!

Thank you!

Miriam Blech!