Jewish National Fund

Welcome to Our Bnai Mitzvah Project for Arava

We are excited to be raising funds for Jewish National Fund’s Arava Institute!

Sam & Isaac’s parshas, Behar-Bechukotai, deal with the Shmita/Sabbatical year for the land. A key part of Shmita is providing food from your fields to the poor during the Shmita year. Tying what they’ve learned with their chosen Mitzvah project, Isaac & Sam decided to help raise funds for JNF’s Arava Research & Development. Arava supports farmers for the very difficult Shmita year with solutions through innovative technologies like agricultural cultivation that is detached from the ground. The Arava Institute is a world leader in technologies that promote environmental protection with solar power, water sustainability, agricultural development, and electric power. 

JNF Arava R&D goes well beyond just agriculture and the environment: their biologists are also focus on finding cures for cancers, Alzheimer’s, and ALS, making this a very special Mitzvah Project for our family that we hope you will consider donating to. The boys can’t wait to visit Arava on our next family trip to Israel, and see these achievements in person.

Please help Isaac & Sam reach their fundraising goal by making your tax-deductible donation. Any size contribution is so greatly appreciated, every shekel makes a difference!

Thank you!
Sam & Isaac