Jewish National Fund

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I am excited to be raising funds for the Jewish National Fund Emergency Campaign!

The JNF Emergency Campaign raises money to help those in danger through out Israel.  For my Miztvah project, I have decided to raise money to help the children in Sderot.  I can't imagine having only 12 seconds to run to a bomb shelter a few times a day, week after week.  Currently in Israel, hour after hour, sirens have been going off alerting people to run to there nearest bomb shelter.  I want to help those kids live a more peaceful and normal childhood.  

In Sderot (South of Israel), there is a bomb proof indoor playground where kids can play all day long. Along the Gaza border, it is very dangerous for children to play outside when rockets constantly fall in their surrounding communities.  I believe that children should be able to play worry free! I want to help ensure that the important work of the JNF continues - and I hope that I can count on your support too.

Please help me reach my fundraising goals.

Thank you!

-Jordan Janowski