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Welcome to The CBJ - Aleh Negev Partnership

Aleh Negev – A Sacred Partnership
At CBJ we strive to create deep and meaningful connections to Israel. We accomplish this through activism, education, advocacy, travel and developing personal ties. We view Israel as a place where sacred Jewish values get expressed in the everyday life of a nation-state. It is our privilege to partner with extraordinary institutions to realize our values.

This year we are launching a collaboration, through JNF, with an incredible institution – Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran. Aleh Negev is an innovative rehabilitative village, located in the Negev that provides severely disabled of all ages, including infants, with the opportunity to live a rich and productive life within a safe environment. It is more than just a rehabilitation center; it is a warm, loving home where lives are transformed. The facilities reflect that belief that we need to protect those who cannot advocate for themselves. There is a hydrotherapy center; a petting zoo, and a horseback riding center. There are also facilities for thousands of people with special needs to receive outpatient care.

Aleh Negev is undergoing an expansion. I want us, as a community, to sponsor one of the new classrooms. It will allow Aleh Negev to increase the number of outside students it is able to serve, from 72 to 144.  Currently there are local residents who have no special needs daytime services available to them.  We have set our goal at $50,000. We will reach this goal together - donations of any amount are important. And we will know that we have enabled 72 local Negev residents to experience the Kavod that Aleh Negev can provide them.

As we partner with Aleh Negev, we will help these core Jewish values come alive:
• Tzelem Elohim - Being created in the Divine Image
Aleh Negev is a place where each human is treated as a reflection of divinity.

• Ahavat tziyon -Love of Israel
The Negev will be nurtured as we visit and help contribute to the evolving vision. Aleh Negev is located near the town of Ofakim providing employment and services for an underdeveloped area in Israel. The village promotes equality in Israeli society, serving every race, religion and ethnicity.

• Chidush – Constant renewal
Aleh Negev's cutting edge treatments and facilities represent the most meaningful advances in caring for those with special needs and mirror the efforts that CBJ embraces and pioneers in terms of creating an inclusive community.
Please join us in building connections and providing generous support for Aleh Negev.

Thank you!
Rabbi Nat Ezray

A special thank you to Isabella Stuart and her family.  Isabella raised over $5,000 from friends and family to honor her becoming a bat mitzvah.