Jewish National Fund

Welcome to JNF South Jersey's Firetruck Fundraising Page

Everyone who loves and supports Israel is aware of the devastating fires that were recently set by arsonists all around the country.  The destruction and loss are beyond words.  Our beloved homeland has been engulfed in flames, hundreds have lost their homes, thousands of acres of hand-planted forests have been destroyed, and the resources of Israel’s fire and rescue services have been depleted.

While the flames have been contained, the work is only beginning. 

JNF is at the frontline in the battle to address the immediate needs and those that will arise tomorrow for the land and people of Israel.  The members of JNF Southern New Jersey's Board of Directors have initiated a campaign to purchase a critically needed new firetruck in Israel.  Please contribute whatever you can to help us meet our goal.  The deadline to completely raise all the funds is March 31, 2017.  

There’s no other Zionist organization that knows how to build and protect Israel like JNF does.

The land of Israel needs our help.  Thank you for your generous donation.