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Welcome to Ori's Page

My name is Ori Charles Friedland, 25 years old, a student of History and Jewish Thought in Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva.  For the past 5 years I served as an Intelligence Officer in the Navy and before that I was involved with education as a tour guide.  I studied in a pre-army academy and was a counselor in the Conservative Movement's youth group.

Love of the Land and love of hiking has flown in my blood since I can remember. Seven years ago, when I was working as a tour guide before the army, I fell from a height and since then I am in a wheelchair. Life of course did not stop but escalated, in large part thanks to the organization LOTEM- Making Nature Accessible. LOTEM gave me the opportunity to return to guiding on accessible trails for groups of special and "normative" populations. A contribution to LOTEM enables each person to reach evey place in nature and to enjoy every part of what the Land of Israel has to offer us.

Last year I participated in the Navy's Marathon (first participant in a wheelchair).  This time I am doing it for LOTEM.

Thank you,