Jewish National Fund

Welcome to My Personal Page

Hello, my name is Ohad, and I am in a year of national service in green Horizons.

I am very excited to run the half marathon with the JNF team to support my organization.

I have been part of Green Horizons since fifth grade; I have hiked all over the country, and learned to love the land of Israel. The monthly trips have made a large impact on me, teaching me how to think for myself, lead a group, and contribute to my community. This is the third year I am volunteering in Green Horizons, where I am trying to pass my special experience on to dozens of children. This year I am in a year of national service, in which I have decided postpone my army service and give back to the organization that gave me so much. I am happy to run in the Jerusalem Marathon so to help create a new generation of tomorrow's leaders. Please help me fulfill this dream by donating to support my attempt to succeed the race.