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Welcome to My Personal Page


My name is Roi Shwartz, and I am in the midst of my national service year with Green Horizons, before I go to the Army.

Green Horizons are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

The organization takes groups of children from various backgrounds and ages out to the nature, and changes their lives through these trips. The children learn to love the land, and learn camaraderie when seeking help from their friends at hard times.

I have been part of Green Horizons since fifth grade, and the experiences I have gone through and undertake influence me greatly. My group's monthly trips have brought me to think for myself, lead, and contribute to my community.

This is the third year I am volunteering in the organization and trying to pass on the values and experiences I have received, and help the pupils become leaders in their communities and in the Israeli society.

I am excited to run with the JNF team in the Jerusalem marathon to promote Green Horizon's activity and allow more youth to be part of this wonderful experience. Please help me finish the half marathon by donating to support my effort. 

Thanks for your support!
And as we say, 
see you along the paths!


Roi Shwartz