Jewish National Fund

Help me raise funds so that everyone will be able to participate in Green Horizons

My name is Alex Abbey, and I am in the midst of my national service year with Green Horizons, before I go to the Army. I was born in Albany, NY, and made aliyah with my family at the age of four. Ever since my early childhood I have loved hiking and camping; my parents used to carry me in a backpack on trips around upstate New York.

When I was in sixth grade, two older students came to my school, put on a little show about hiking trips, and invited us to join Green Horizons. I went with a couple of friends, and haven't left since. I've been drenched to the bone in a flood in the desert, I've hiked for four days eating nothing but bulgur (and not a lot of it), I've walked miles and miles without sleep, and I'm still completely hooked.

In eleventh grade I became the older student who recruited sixth graders to join Green Horizons, and I spent two years as a group counselor in Jerusalem. For my national service year, I am managing three groups in the Beit Shemesh region, each of which is distinguished by their differing populations, family backgrounds, and educational levels.

I love what I do, I believe it is extremely important, and I hope that you do too. I am running the 10 kilometer section of this year’s Jerusalem Marathon to raise funds so that youth at risk and children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds will be able to participate in this special experience, come to love nature and the land, and become tomorrow's leaders.

Please donate however much you can to support my effort. Thank you very much.