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Welcome to My Personal Page

My name is Avishai Efrat, I'm 27 years old and live with my partner Ilana in Yeruham, a small town in the Negev.

I am excited to run with the JNF team in the Jerusalem marathon in order to raise money for Green Horizons, an organization that I love and that has been an important part of my life for more than a decade.

I joined "Green Horizons" in the 8th grade, after a long period of time not finding the right group of friends for me. There was an instant "click". I remember the first meeting, in the Carmel forest, with our two young leaders (aged 17). We went down a trail that I had never been to before, swam in a spring and ate "pita" bread that we made ourselves on a bonfire. I enjoyed every minute and found great company. Since then, "Green Horizons" is a part of who I am.
We learn about nature, wilderness, backpacking, survival and navigation skills, environment conservation and practically any subject that has to do with nature and hiking. Equally or even more important, there is a strong emphasis on social skills, getting along in the group, leadership skills, working on your self esteem and many more important skills that I find very important every place I go.
There is nothing more rewarding and intensifying than climbing a beautiful mountain in the Israeli desert, breathing the cool winter air and being surrounded with amazing people.

When I was 16, after a long training,  I became a young guide myself. When I finished high school, I felt that the most natural thing for me to do is to volunteer for a year at "Green Horizons". Postponing the army service for one year and dedicating a full year to the organization that gave me so much. During this year I lived in an apartment in Be'er Sheva, known as the Negev's capital.This year was an amazing experience. It was without a doubt the most significant year of my life!
I am sure that "Green Horizons" will continue to be a very meaningful part of my life. Hopefully someday my children will have the opportunity to take part in the activity as well.
Through your support we will be able to continue and give the highest quality activity to youth all around Israel, no matter what background they come from and no matter how much their parents earn. 
Giving our guides the best training possible and giving them the opportunity to volunteer a year in the organization is very costly. Through your support we will be able to continue and hold the best guides and give them the best training possible!

Thanks for your support!
And as we say, 
see you along the paths!

Avishai Efrat