Jewish National Fund

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Nearly one million Israelis today are living in bomb shelters. Rockets have reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and as far north as Zihron Yaakov.

Let's come together as a community to assist in this emergency appeal!

Today, I ask you to add a new gift to answer the great challenges before us.

The damage has been devastating to Israel's people and economy.

Now more than ever the people of Israel need our help.

JNF approved an emergency allocation to immediately deliver 24 mobile bomb shelters for people living in the new desert community of Halutza former evacuees from Gaza who currently reside in trailers to stay alive.


• $30,000 each for 50 more mobile bomb shelters for other residents in Halutza and the Negev.

• $25,000 for each Green Horizons youth leadership group to provide for two days of fun activities for children in bomb shelters, along with food and essentials.

• $15,000 per day to bring in extra professionals to aid and care for people with severe disabilities at the Aleh Negev rehabilitative village.

• $15,000 per group for LOTEM to take people with special needs up north and away from danger zones.

• $10,000 for each day to keep the JNF Indoor Recreation Center in Sderot open 24 hours to service 1,800 children and adults.

• $10,000 per day to deliver food and provisions to firefighters across Israel who have been away from their families battling the blazes caused by rockets.