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How Would You Rule?
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1. Your friend is sleeping over. She’s tired and wants to go to sleep,
but you want to watch a scary movie, and not by yourself! You:
a) Agree to watch the movie in the morning, even though it won’t be as scary.
b) Bribe her to watch the movie by offering to serve her favorite snack if she stays up.
c) Threaten to reveal her most embarrassing secret to the entire class if she doesn’t stay awake and watch the movie with you.
2. You’ve been assigned a group project for science, and your group includes a student whose last grade was a D+. You want to do well on this assignment! What should you do?
a) Just hope he does a better job this time.
b) Work closely with him, so you can fix any mistakes.
c) Tell him you’ll do the project by yourself because you’re smarter than he is.
3. Your family is planning to spend the day at a museum which you think will be boring. How will you handle it?
a) Go with an open mind. Maybe it will be better than you expect.
b) Invite a friend. It will be more fun with someone your own age.
c) Close the door to your room and refuse to come out unless there is a change of plans.