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Tzuf - Health, Honey & Bees
Tzuf - Health, Honey & Bees

After returning to the Galilee with his family, Tuvia Orr placed two beehives on his land in the ecological village of Clil and began to produce organic honey. After giving friends and neighbors a taste of the honey the connection was immediate, and the beehive began to grow. Slowly the business grew and together with carefully picked beekeepers Tzuf was established.

At Tzuf they believe in doing good ‑ doing good to man through food, doing good to the bees while treating them with respect, and doing good to mother nature and the environment.

The bees are a miraculous wonder and their relationship with mankind is crucial. The bees are responsible for more than 70% of the pollination of our food. Without the bees, our diet would be extremely dull. Their social life and cultural behavior is fascinating and that is even before we talk about honey and its amazing nutritional values. Alongside the honey, Tzuf produces healthy, sweet spreads that are an excellent replacement for the over-sweetened spreads on the market today. The believe their sweet food must be healthy as well.

Today Tzuf markets honey all over Israel.

Tuvia’s love for bees continues to fascinate him and he enjoys telling the story of the “queen of the sun.”

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Tzuf Tahini
Tzuf Tahini A package of two types of high‑quality tahini: whole grain and delicate.
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Pure Natural Wildflower Honey 0.5 kg
Pure Natural Wildflower Honey 0.5 kg Pure natural honey from the Galilee 0.5 kg. Wild, natural and amazing honey, just the way it should be!
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A Trio of Tzuf Spreads
A Trio of Tzuf Spreads Package of three delicious, healthy spreads made with tahini, organic honey and more!
$94 Buy Now
A Trio of Vegan Tzuf Spreads
A Trio of Vegan Tzuf Spreads Package of 3 delicious vegan nectar spreads from the Galilee.
$94 Buy Now
Galilean Brunch
Galilean Brunch A wonderful package with a mix of some of Tzuf’s most delicious products!
$94 Buy Now
Land of Honey
Land of Honey Package for honey lovers, includes honey, honey cream and natural honeycomb from the Galilee.
$88 Buy Now
The Full Tzuf Experience
The Full Tzuf Experience The ultimate health package from Tzuf — full of tasty, mouthwatering and healthy products!
$130 Buy Now
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