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Blacksmith Yuval Telem
Blacksmith Yuval Telem

Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s workshop was founded in the small community of Matat in northern Israel around 20 years ago.

Yuval the blacksmith is a self-taught artist working with iron, who knows all the secrets of the trade from studying under professionals and colleagues.

So far, he participated in conventions in Israel and Italy, in a group show and a couple’s show and showcased his work at a construction and housing exhibition in Tel Aviv. Yuval was also the artistic director of the 1998 Iron Biennale held in the Galilee.

Yuval’s workshop is located in Matat’s industrial area. The workshop is surrounded by a natural grove and a big inviting yard where you can sit and relax under a grapevine arbor overlooking the Upper Galilee.

For more information on his work, you can email Yuval at

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