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Odette Chocolate Boutique
Odette Chocolate Boutique

Odette is a special boutique for handmade chocolates and pralines opened by Dr. Shlomit Zamir at Kibbutz Regba.

Dr. Shlomit Zamir, a Materials Engineer, decided after 18 years of working as R&D Groups Manager in Israel’s defense industry to dedicate herself to developing another kind of material, and a long-time hobby - chocolate.

Her initial motivation was to combine her hobby with creating a proper work environment for her mentally ill brother and other people in his position, along with commemorating her mother - Odette.

As she set off on her new path, Shlomit’s dream grew bigger and she decided to develop an international brand of pralines and high-quality chocolate products, using the best raw materials and meticulous aesthetics.

In 2017 Shlomit opened a small chocolate boutique in Regba, naming it The Lab, and that is where she develops her brand. Alongside the R&D activity, and with great love of people, The Lab has delicious chocolate workshops for kids age 3 and older, and adult workshops where Shlomit shares her personal and fascinating story.

The chocolate boutique also offers wonderful gift baskets and multi-generational workshops for families, birthday workshops, workshops for companies, tourists and more.

For more information on Odette Chocolate Boutique email Shlomit Zamir at

Building with Chocolate DIY Workshop
Building with Chocolate DIY Workshop Chocolate building blocks with various colors and shapes, using special chocolate glue.
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Coloring with Chocolate DIY Workshop
Coloring with Chocolate DIY Workshop Make a picture using chocolate.
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Chocolate Lollipop DIY Workshop
Chocolate Lollipop DIY Workshop Temper a delicious chocolate using a "magic powder" and thermometer and make your own lollipops!
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Chocolate Tea-Spoon DIY Workshop
Chocolate Tea-Spoon DIY Workshop Temper a delicious chocolate using a "magic powder" and thermometer and make your own tea spoons.
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DIY Praline Workshop
DIY Praline Workshop Make your own delicious filled praline chocolates.
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DIY Chocolate Menorah Workshop
DIY Chocolate Menorah Workshop Build a chocolate Menorah in honor of Hanukkah, use your imagination!
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Pack of Chocolate Dreidels
Pack of Chocolate Dreidels Package of 10 handmade chocolate dreidels.
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