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Located at green Kibbutz Afek is Eldad Bahar’s creative space, a place he founded to make his art fine leather items.

Eldad started dealing with leather during his trips overseas, out of love and interest in handicrafts. There he learned the trade secrets.

Eldad worked in different educational services, giving workshops for kids and youths, and decided to cleverly combine his two trades: he created various original leather-crafting workshops for all ages and created a successful business with a large clientele that has grown over the past 20 years.

At his beautiful studio, he teaches and instructs groups, organizations, and families.

During the workshop, each participant learns creative and flattening techniques to make the natural raw material into a usable and beautiful product of choice, such as hairpins, purses, shoes, or bags.

Omanya also has a store where different products made by Eldad are available for purchase, such as bags, wallets, shoes, belts, and more.

The studio offers plenty of parking, beautiful surroundings, warm welcoming atmosphere, hot coffee, and individual care for each guest. On weekends you can book group workshops.

For more information about these specialized workshops, contact Eldad Bahar at

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Leather-Crafting Group Workshop
Sweet Year Leather-crafting workshop for a group or family - up to 5 people.
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Leather-Crafting Group Workshop Plus
Sweet Year Leather-crafting workshop plus for a group or family - up to 5 people.
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Leather-Crafting Workshop for Two
Sweet Year Leather-crafting workshop for two!
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