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Jean-Pierre Weill Studios
Jean-Pierre Weill Studios

The studio was founded in 1992, as Jean-Pierre looked for a way to both create art and support his growing family. He discovered that he could create 3D paintings by arranging different parts of an image on multiple levels of glass. This technique allows each painting to be enriched by elements of light and shadow and creates a delightful sense of movement. Success was immediate.

About 10 years ago, the studio moved to Israel, and his daughters, Davida and Safira, joined. A new dimension was added to Jean-Pierre’s original dream. Davida and Safira brought new ideas and a fresh palette to an already rich library of paintings.

Each painting tells a story. As a family studio, their relationships with each other are key to the feeling and energy that go into their work. You become a part of their extended studio family. As they receive positive feedback from art lovers around the globe—every bit contributes to their creative process. Their commitment to you includes everything that they promise to each other: to be responsive, stay playful, and always give their best.

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Sweet Year
Sweet Year May this year bring a sense of closeness and warm support like the feeling of this piece!
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Jar This painting tells the story of two people who love each other.
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Dove A dove holding an olive branch tightly in its beak flutters here in 3 dimensions. Small and sweet, this painting holds the promise for a peaceful future.
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Mazal The Hebrew word for “Luck” receives a crown here, a sweet gift for occasions of all shapes and sizes‐ from birthdays to graduations.
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Water Yourself
Water Yourself Water Yourself is a visual reminder that when we take care of ourselves, the world becomes a more beautiful place for everyone.
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Bear Every child dreams of flying. Balloons are a magical symbol of celebration that are gifted with flight.
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Bench Home is never really just 4 walls and a roof—it is the love and comfort we hold for each other.
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Small Things
Small Things Often it is the small things—a smile, a thoughtful note, the extra moment of attention—that makes a day wonderful.
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Fiddler One of our most popular Gift Collection paintings, Fiddler integrates color, dance and music within its multiple dimensions.
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Tree of Life
Tree of Life This tree represents a bounty of blessing.
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Jerusalem Prayer
Jerusalem Prayer This colorful and fantastical depiction of Jerusalem touches on the simple sacredness of prayer.
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Shalom A dove holding an olive branch tightly in its beak flutters here in 3 dimensions.
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Moonlight Dance
Moonlight Dance A couple dances in a forest path, the moon shining directly on them.
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City Overlook
City Overlook A couple pauses during an afternoon stroll to look over the water at a ferry and the colorful city beyond.
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Kotel The Kotel represents the shared history and future that binds us together as a people.
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City of Peace
City of Peace Translucent paints and fluid brushstrokes create a sense of movement and flow in Jerusalem ‑ir shalom‑ City of Peace.
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