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Dor Pintel Tours
Dor Pintel Tours

Purchase from a variety of customizable packages to suit all your traveling needs from licensed Israel tour guide Dor Pintel. Whatever you’re looking for in a vacation or trip, Dor can make it happen — whether it’s going on a remote camping trip or relaxing at a luxurious resort. Including, but not limited to: Jerusalem Highlights Tour, Time Travel from Tel Aviv to Yafo, Masada Dead Sea Tour, Biblical Wine Tour, Galilean Excursions, and more.

Dor has a BA in Land of Israel studies and was born and raised in Ra'anana, Israel, to an American mother and an Israeli father. The two inspired his deep love of Israel through travel and exploration.

In his later childhood, he continued to explore Israel through mountain biking, racing, and training. Dor also reaped the unique rewards provided by a lifetime of summers spent working on his uncle’s mango farm in Northern Israel. Through his work on the land, his love of agriculture, horticulture, and mangoes was cultivated! At the age of 14, Dor and his family moved to Chicago, his mother’s birthplace, where he completed high school at Stevenson. The move further inspired his love of travel and exploration, and his fascination with culture. Dor dreamed of serving in the IDF from childhood. He returned to Israel on the Garin Tzabar program to join the IDF. There he served as a paratrooper, completing his service within the diplomatic unit of the IDF following an injury. Upon completing his service, Dor set off to explore the world - further nurturing his passions for hiking, photography, culture, cuisine, music, yoga, and meditation. His travels have taken him to Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Guatemala, Jordan, Egypt, the USA, Europe, and more. After 2 years abroad, Dor returned home so that he could fulfill his dream of sharing his magnificent homeland of Israel with others.

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A Full-Day Tour in the Western Galilee
A Full-Day Tour in the Western Galilee A full-day tour in the Western Galilee including heritage sites, hidden treasures, good wine, and history in a luxurious Mercedes van.
$770 Buy Now
Half Day Hike in Kziv Canyon
Half Day Hike in Kziv Canyon A half-day of a great hike to the most beautiful canyon in Israel - Kziv.
$550 Buy Now
10-Day Custom Itinerary Tour
A full 10-day tour of Israel including: planning a custom itinerary, booking all sites and activities, a private fluent English-speaking guide, transportation in a luxury Mercedes van for up to 6 people.
$1650 Buy Now
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