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Zikit Theater
Zikit Theater

The Zikit Theater is a multicultural visual theater, operating in Tefen in the Galilee and staging plays for adults and children. 

The plays are characterized by a wealth of means of expression and very few words, including puppet theater, objects and silhouettes, special backdrops, movement, music and more. All performances are original and unique. 

Everything that happens on stage evokes the senses, imagination, and emotions of both adults and young viewers. Using a universal visual language and very little text allows speakers of many different languages to benefit from and enjoy the show equally. 

The Zikit team consists of professional theater people, Jews and Arabs, living in the Galilee who represent the human mosaic of the area. The founder and artistic director is Pablo Ariel, he is also the creator and director of most of the plays. 

The Zikit Theater operates in Tefen in the Galilee and also travels for performances abroad and around the world every year. They have participated in international festivals and won many awards.

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