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Painting: Jerusalem From the Mt. of Olives by Barbara Israel Bortniker
Painting: Jerusalem From the Mt. of Olives by Barbara Israel Bortniker

Jerusalem of today is far more than just the ancient walled city. On a visit to Israel, artist Barbara Israel Bortniker was struck by a beautiful scene in front of her.

In her own words, "I wanted to portray the true beauty and magnificence of this unique place, revered by so many, yet still a living, modern, unified city. I set up my easel that Spring day, in front of the parking lot of the Seven Arches Hotel, with a clear view of the scene. To the left, I could see the archeological excavations of the ancient Southern Steps that lead to the Holy Temple. In the Kidron Valley below, I could see Absalom’s Tomb (carved from rock for King David’s rebellious son), and well groomed plantings and olive groves on those terraced hills. In the distance against the horizon: the modern part of the city- the King David Hotel, Leonardo Plaza Hotel, and many of the other structures both new and old that make up Israel’s capital city."

Now, you can bring this beautiful painting to your home printed on 24" x 36" archival, 100% rag watercolor paper, numbered and hand-signed by the artist. Your purchase will help support Jewish National Funds vital work. Bring this sparkling image of beautiful Israel into your home, or give it as a very special gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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