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All-Occasion Water Greeting Cards
All-Occasion Water Greeting Cards

In the last several decades, JNF has managed to alleviate and mitigate Israel's chronic water shortage through a range of water collection and conservation initiatives. More than 250 reservoirs and dams were built, through which we have added more than 12% to Israel's water supply. Now, Israel leads in the world in recycling 80% of its wastewater.

JNF is continuing to develop programs for water treatment and recycling, river and stream rehabilitation, reservoir construction and maintenance, education, research and awareness, and development of new resources, in order to ensure a sufficient water supply for household and agricultural needs in Israel.

"Water is Life" Greeting Cards

These all-occasion greeting cards portray images of Israel that highlight JNF's achievements in water resource management.

The inside message reads "A donation has been made to Jewish National Fund in support of its water resource development projects in Israel."

A box set includes four designs (3 of each) and 12 envelopes.

Water is Life

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