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Community Building

Enhancing the quality of life for Israel’s residents, with a focus on the north and south, by building infrastructure, creating jobs, and promoting tourism.

Forestry & Green Innovations

Preventing forest fires, making the desert bloom, and conserving Israel’s unique environmental makeup, both on land and in the sea.

Water Solutions

Helping Israel become a world leader in water recycling and rehabilitating natural water sources.

Research & Development

A world leader in both technological and environmental innovation, JNF invests in research initiatives that help Israel earn its status as the Start-up Nation.

Zionist Education & Advocacy

Connecting young Americans, from birth through college, to the land and people of Israel through specialized local programming and opportunities in Israel.

Heritage Sites

Preserving the historical sites that led to Israel’s rebirth and safeguarding their stories so they can be told for generations to come.

Disabilities & Special Needs

Cutting-edge rehabilitative services, special education, and medical care that ensure no member of Israeli society is left behind.

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